S.P.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics

of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department of computation methods


Professor A.Ya.Grigorenko
Phone.:  +380-44-441-7711
Fax: +380-44-456-0319
Email: metod@inmech.kiev.ua , metod@imech.freenet.kiev.ua

Basic Scientific Trends:

Theory of thin laminated shells assembled of anisotropic layers of variable thickness.

The methods of solution for the problems on the stress-strained state of the systems of the shells of revolution with arbitrary outline as affected by the distributed and local loads, based on the reduction to unidimensional problems and their numerical solution by the stable method of discrete orthogonalization.

The methods of solution of the boundary value problems of statics of laminated anisotropic shells, shells with curvilinear axis, shallow shells.

Contact problems of the theory of thin anisotropic shells. Problems of statics of anisotropic nonhomogeneous shells in the spatial statement.

Theory and methods of solution of the problems of shells deformation in geometrically nonlinear statement in the precritical and supercritical states.

Methods of solution for the problems on the stressed state of shells of a complex shape in nonorthogonal nonconjugated system of coordinates. Methods of solution for the problems about free and induced vibrations of shells based on different models.

Estimation of the shell members structural. Use of the methods of mechanics of a solid deformed rigid body in solution of stomatological problems.