S.P.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics

of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department of Processes Stability


Professor A. A. Martynyuk
Corr. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Phone.:  +380-44-456-6140
Fax: +380-44-456-0319
Email: center@inmech.kiev.ua , center@imech.freenet.kiev.ua

Basic Scientific Trends:

Nonclassical theory of motion stability (theory of technical and applied motion stability).

Dynamic stability of large-scale systems including those with structure and singular perturbations.

Analysis of solution stability of the sets of nonlinear equations with a small parameter.

Dynamics of nonlinear systems with irregular and quasi-chaotic trajectories.

Analysis of dynamic stability of the wheeled vehicles.

Development of direct Lyapunov's method in the theory of motion stability on the basis of the matrix-values functions.

In the future: study of dynamics and stability of systems with nonexact values of parameters as well as the sets of equations on the time scale, simulating processes in the hybrid systems.