S.P.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics

of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department of rheology


Professor J.J.Rushchitsky
Phone.:  +380-44-456-0030
Fax: +380-44-456-0319
Email: reolog@inmech.kiev.ua , reolog@imech.freenet.kiev.ua

Basic Scientific Trends:

Spatial problems of the theory of elasticity, thermoelasticity and electroelasticity for isotropic and transversally-isotropic bodies with the boundaries coinciding with the coordinate surfaces of the second order. Stress concentration in the vicinity of the cavities and incorporations.

Failure of anisotropic bodies with inhomogeneities of the kind of crack or thin inclusions. Rheological models of nonsaturated porous massifs and study of stress concentration in the vicinity of the mountain workings.

Propagation and scattering of nonstationary and steady state wave fields of different physical nature.

Linear and physical nonlinear spatial problems of the theory of elasticity, termoelasticity and methods of their solution for simply connected and multiply connected noncanonical domains.

Mechanics of piecewize-homogeneous bodies with noncanonical interfaces. Study of the stress-strained states of the goffered bodies, finite cylinders with necks and laminated thick-walled shells and plates with deviations in the structure.

Statics of shells and plates: three-dimensional theory and nonclassical models. Generalized theory of nonthin elastic, thermoelastic and piezoceramic shells. Stress concentration near the holes and recesses in isotropic and transversally-isotropic shells and plates.

Inverse problems of thermoelasticity, optimization of form of the cavities and inclusions in the elastic body.