S.P.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics

of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Department of creep mechanics


Professor V.P.Golub
Phone.:  +380-44-456-5315
Fax: +380-44-456-0319
Email: creep@inmech.kiev.ua , creep@imech.freenet.kiev.ua

Basic Scientific Trends:

Isochronic creep theory of linear-strengthening, nonlinear-strengthening and ideal-plastic materials determining creep equations under statical, stepped and cyclic loadings.

Continual theory of long-term fracture in conditions of creep; criteria and models of viscous, brittle and mixed fracture; methods of prediction of creep and long-term strength.

Nonlinear mechanics of continual damageability, models of propagation of fatigue cracks with regard for the two-stage character of the fracture process; kinetics of damageability, longevity and final condition under the stepped loading and under creep-fatigue interaction.

Experimental study of the processes of creep, fatigue, damageability and long-term fracture under statical and cyclic loading; the method of experimental proceeding and experimental data processing; data banks: undestructive methods of control.